Anything is better at driving these massive trucks than the monkeys they have behind the wheel now. Everyday I’m within 6” of a donut on the side of my car from one of these morons reaching for their big gulp and weaving out of their lane. Factor in the ones that are sleeping and it’s like being surrounded by moving… » 5/06/15 5:17pm Today 5:17pm

I am pretty sure that is a Ferrari F1 shirt, they only really make one style of the team shirt. They were sponsored by Santander and used red/white. Looks like it has a small Ferrari logo on the chest. Nothing gay about that, thousands of Ferrari F1 fans bought those shirts and they aren’t all gay. » 5/06/15 2:41pm Today 2:41pm

Why is this a problem, he is enforcing the law, averaging slightly more than 1 ticket a day and even admits to giving a 10mph leniency. His statements about it being a public safety issue when people speed through a small town is accurate, » 5/01/15 1:59pm Friday 1:59pm

Not sure why it would make you sad, it is a great educational tool she uses for about an hour each day. There are plenty of educational tools like ABC mouse that supplement her pre-school learning as well as the reading and other activities we do at home. » 5/01/15 1:54pm Friday 1:54pm

The problem with all of those is you require every single one of those people to download the client to chat / or have an account. Since most people have a facebook account and messenger is integrated in to the website there is no requirement for them to download anything or create a new account somewhere. » 4/27/15 5:28pm 4/27/15 5:28pm